What is the Status screen on the Cosy App?

The Status screen is a helpful tool that provides a status overview of the devices in your Cosy system. 

If you would like to check the status of your system, simply go to the Settings menu of your Cosy App and select Status.

What should I do if I open the Cosy App and it only displays the system Status page?

There are 3 main reasons why the Cosy App will only display the system Status page, these are:

  • The heating is in override and is being controlled by the original heating system
  • One or more devices have become unpaired
  • There is a system outage

Let’s take a look at these reasons in more detail and how you can get back up and running again.

1) Your system is in override.

If your Cosy System is in override, the Switch will show a status of “In Override” in red (see image below)

To take control of the system with the Cosy Smart Thermostat again, simply press the button on your switch (which is located near your boiler). The button will turn green when the Switch has been turned on.

2) One of your devices has become unpaired.

If a device within the Cosy Smart Thermostat system has become unpaired, the Status screen will display “Can’t Connect” in red (see image below).

To re-pair the device, simply follow the pairing instructions in the article below for the device in question: https://support.geotogether.com/a/solutions/articles/7000044357-how-to-reset-and-re-pair-your-cosy-devices

3) There is a potential cloud outage

If you find that both lights on the Hub (connected to your broadband router) are green, yet the status “unknown” is show on the Status screen (as per the image below) it could indicate there is a cloud outage.

If you suspect there is a cloud outage, please do not attempt to re-pair or re-set the Cosy Smart Thermostat as usually the system will automatically update.

You can check the status of the system on our support website under Cloud Service Status here: https://support.geotogether.com/en/support/home

You can also keep up to date with notifications through social media channels until the issue has been resolved.

You can find out social channels here:



During a cloud outage, you should still be able to control your heating using the Cosy Display.