To reset the hub;

1. While powered up, use a pen or pin to hold in the reset button on the underneath of the Hub until the LEDs on the top flash red alternatively

2. Once complete the cloud light will be green and the link light will be red.

To Pair the Switch;

1. On the hub, press and hold the link button (Left) until it flashes amber

2. Press the button on the heating switch until the LED in the right hand corner flashes red - pairing is complete when the heating switch link LED turns green

To pair the Display;

1. Hold the Hibernate button (O) and press the reset button on the back of the display. Let go of the reset button but keep holding the Hibernate button until display reboots and shows 'unpaired'.

2. Press and hold the link (left) button on the hub for 3 seconds again until the LED flashes amber

3. Press the Comfy button (armchair) on the display then select zone 1 (zZz)

Your Hub should now have two green lights, showing it is online and paired. If you now login to your app the device should show as connected and ready to use.Serial Number from the Hub beginning 'HB' found on the bottom of the hub.

If you have any questions or would like support, please contact us on 01223 850 218 and select option 4 for Cosy support.


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