Unpair and reset

  • On the Display - hold the Hibernate button (O) and press the reset button on the back of the display. Let go of the reset button but keep holding the Hibernate button until display reboots and shows 'unpaired'.

Pairing a new Display

  • Press and hold the link (left) button on the hub for 3 seconds again until the LED flashes amber
  • Press the Comfy button (armchair) on the display then select zone 1 or zone 2. Once paired, the display will show the temperature. 


  • Under very rare conditions it may be necessary to carry out a hub Unpair – Reset.
  • On the Hub – while powered up, use a pen or pin to hold in the reset button on the underneath of the Hub until the LEDs on the top flash red alternatively 

Adding a replacement display to the system

If you have received a replacement display, you will need to unpair the existing display (which is to be replaced) before adding the new one to your system. Follow the instructions above for the un-pair procedure. If you have already paired your new display, you may encounter some issues. To remove the old display from the system, you can insert the battery tab so that it powers off the display. The Hub will recognise that this display is now out of communication and no longer associated with the system.