Default temperatures

Your Cosy smart heating control has four modes. By default their ideal temperatures are:

  • Hibernate: 6°C
  • Slumber: 12°C
  • Comfy: 18°C
  • Cosy: 22°C

These are the temperatures that your system will try to achieve whilst in each of the modes. 

Changing the ideal temperatures

You can change the ideal temperatures for Cosy, Comfy and Slumber from the Cosy app (Hibernate is always set to 6°C). We recommend adjusting them to suit your home.

Provided you are using the latest version of the Cosy mobile app, you are now able to adjust the ideal temperatures in 0.5 degree increments.

iOS / Android app Web app
  1. Go to Settings (Tap the settings icon  at the bottom of the Now screen)
  2. Tap Temperatures
  3. Select the mode you wish to edit from the tab bar
  4. Tap the wheel to enter edit mode
  5. Adjust the temperature
  6. Tap the wheel to set the new temperature.
  1. Select Menu from the top right corner of the Now screen
  2. Select Temperature from the menu

Temperatures for the heating mode are configured so that they cannot overlap. Cosy is always warmer than Comfy. Comfy is always warmer than Slumber and Slumber is always warmer than Hibernate.