From the Cosy app, you're able to keep an eye on who's using the heating controls and what they're doing from the Activity screen:

iOS / Android app Web app
Tap the activity icon   at the bottom of the Now screen. Select Menu (top right corner) -> Events.


The feed shows recent events and next upcoming events , so you'll know whether you need to switch the heating on or whether it's about do it by itself. You'll also know why the heating is in a mode that you don't expect it to be in (maybe because someone else changed it).

iOS / Android app Web app


Each time the heating mode changes, the event is added to the Activity feed. The event in the feed shows you who or what was responsible for the change. Scheduled changes will appear as such, and where the change was made by a user, their name will appear next to the event. When a change is made using the Display, the message "Cosy Display" is shown.

Cancelling events

Some events in the activity feed can be cancelled if they're not already active. If you've decided to use the control screen to start Cosy in 1 hour, the event will appear in the Activity feed with the option to cancel.