The Display has a temperature sensor behind the grill at the back of the Display.  This controls your central heating and hence the temperature of your home.  With Cosy you can take this sensor to where you are – watching TV, lying in bed, your office – and so control the temperature of your immediate environment.

You can also change the heating modes manually from the Display if you are feeling too hot or too cold.  The new mode will revert back to the schedule after one hour.

The Display shows the current temperature at its location. The light tells you which mode the heating is currently in.

Tap the mode button once to view the temperature for the mode, then tap it again to confirm. The light next to the mode button confirms that the heating mode is now active.
Mode buttons

  • Slumber (zzz icon). Pressing this button will put the heating mode into Slumber (default is 12°C) until the next scheduled mode change.
  • Comfy (armchair icon). Pressing this button will put the heating mode into Comfy (18°C) for one hour.
  • Cosy (flame icon). Pressing this button will put the heating mode into Cosy (22°C) for one hour.
  • Hibernate (snowflake). Pressing this button will put the heating mode into Hibernate until you choose another mode from the display/app. Use this mode for the summer months when you don't need the heating on.


Charging the display

The Display has an internal rechargeable battery.  This should last 24 hours off the charging base so like a cordless (DECT) home phone, after you have used it and before going to bed you should put the Display back on its charging base.  Consequently you should place the charging base somewhere suitable and neither in a draft or a direct form of heat like a radiator or sunlight.  Your bedside table might be a good place for it!

Display Sleep Mode

The display will switch off between 00:00 and 06:00 as a power saving function. During this time the display will be switched off however the 'Device State' LEDs around the circumference of the display will stay illuminated. Removing the device from the charging base will illuminate the display; after 10 seconds of inactivity the display screen will go off.

Screen Brightness

The display has an integrated ambient light sensor which will detect the ambient light of your room and adjust the screen brightness automatically between two levels (normal & low intensity). When the display is physically moved the screen will return to full intensity for a period of 10 seconds after activity.

If there is a problem, the display will give you a friendly message to explain what is wrong.