Comfy temperature

The default ideal temperature for Comfy is 18°C.

Using Comfy

Comfy mode is the mode to choose for when you want the heating on, and the temperature of your home at a comfortable level. Two examples of this would be:

  • When you're home, but you're up and about doing things
  • You want to heat your home economically

You can schedule periods of Comfy from the Cosy app so they start automatically.

Selecting Comfy

You can put your system into Comfy mode from the 'now control' screen of the Cosy App, or by pressing the Comfy button on the display.

From the Cosy App

You can schedule Comfy to turn on automatically, or select it from the control screen at any time.

  • Schedule. Use the profiles option to create and edit automatic schedules of periods of Comfy. Make sure you apply the schedule to the day of the week you want it to apply to. 
  • Ad-hoc. Use the 'now control' screen to select Comfy. You can choose to have Comfy start immediately, or in an hour or two. You can also choose how long you'd like Comfy to last.

From the Cosy Display

Press the Comfy button on the display once to view the temperature for Comfy, then press it again to confirm Comfy mode. Comfy mode will last 1 hour when selecting it from the Cosy Display.