One of the beauties of Cosy is that you can take it with you when you move and revert to the original boiler controls.  All that is required is to:

  • unplug and pack the Cosy Display and the Cosy Hub
  • get a Competent Person to remove the Cosy Switch and either remove or make safe the wiring.  This involves handling Mains Electricity and must be performed by a Competent Person.
  • reinstall the system in your new home again using a Competent Person to install the Cosy Switch using the instructions on this web site.

First:Utility customers:

If you received your Cosy kit through First:Utility then you are not allowed to take the Cosy with you, should you move home. The Cosy will remain in place at the current property.

If you wish to have Cosy installed at your new property, you must go through the same process as you did when you first submitted a claim for Cosy.