Cosy differs from other smart home heating devices as follows:

  • It works in parallel with existing equipment so:
  • You don’t have to remove your current thermostat and redecorate
  • It doesn’t replace any equipment so you can remove it when you move house
  • You can deactivate Cosy and revert to your current controls if you want to
  • It uses a mobile thermostat so that you can:
  • Control the temperature where you are
  • Switch modes at the touch of a button
  • The Welcome Home feature lets you control lights and other devices from your phone so you can return to a home that is lit as well as warm.
  • As with other systems, Cosy controls single & twin zone central heating systems, and has the ability to control hot water also. Cosy works with all mobile devices (including Windows phones) and is compatible with most central heating fuels.