Cosy (Heating only)

To use Cosy you will need to have:

  • a single or twin zone central heating system
  • access to a mobile device
  • a home broadband router (not a mobile broadband service)
  • adequate space to locate the Cosy switch, which has the following approximate dimensions: (W) 95mm X (H) 85mm X (D) 37mm. It is recommended that there is adequate clearance in front of the switch to allow for easy installation and access

Cosy will work with the following:

  • heating systems that are controlled, or designed to be controlled, by a room thermostat.  This includes gas, oil, LPG, electric and biomass systems.
  • an existing wireless thermostat:  Cosy is installed alongside existing thermostats.
  • a system where hot water and central heating are controlled by a common timer – but see the “Understanding hot water” article under the “About Cosy?” topic.
  • under-floor heating systems are also supported, however additional consideration should be given to the scheduling of the heating due to the thermal lag in such systems

Cosy with additional Hot Water control

For controlling your hot water in addition to your heating, a Cosy Hot Water Switch is required - this is an add-on to the original Cosy package.
In addition to the above, you will need:

  • A separate hot water tank (not compatible with Combi boilers)
  • An 'S' or 'Y' plan system. See article 'What Type of Hot Water System Do I Have?'

Please note, the Cosy Hot Water Switch is not compatible with:

  • Gravity based systems
  • Immersion heaters