Cosy is a smart heating system that lets you control your heating and hot water from a mobile thermostat and from mobile devices (smart phones, tablets etc) particularly when away from home.

  • Cosy works in parallel with your current heating system – no need to replace or destroy anything you haveand you can override it at any time
  • Cosy controls the temperature of your home using three flexible heating modes – all controlled from the Cosy app.
  • Cosy is more efficient: if you're late home or change plans you can turn off the heating from your smartphone.
  • Use the Cosy display to change the heating mode:  it is mobile so keep it with you around the house for instant changes.
  • For those of you with hot water tanks, Cosy can also control your hot water (on or off only, not temperature).

The Cosy display is a key feature

  • The temperature of your home is controlled by the Cosy display, so you can have the thermostat where you want (and not where the builder thought was a good idea!).
  • Keep the Cosy display with you, so you can always make quick changes to the heating to suit your mood/lifestyle whether you're watching TV, working or going to sleep.
  • When you don’t have it with you it sits on a charging station somewhere central and away from drafts and/or heat (radiators/sunlight).

The Cosy app is your programmer

  • Use the Cosy app to set up all your heating events, including: temperatures, profiles, extra users etc.
  • And to see what everyone has been up to, check the Activities page to see actions by user – as well as heating events that are coming up next.

All this plus a 'Welcome Home' feature

  • Welcome Home is about coming home to a house that isn't just warm, but well lit.

In order to use the Welcome Home feature, you'll need Smart Plugs. These can be used to switch on lamps and side lights when the Welcome Home feature is activated.